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    Welcome home!

    Green building design

    The building is designed with greenery and is mainly composed of natural turf and native trees, which are designed to save energy and create a cool environment in the afternoon.

    Quiet and comfortable

    Located in the Kenting National Park which is like spring all the year round with the quiet, comfortable, natural and world-friendly green home environment. Welcome to share the life in KentingComic B&B!

    Take a hot spring with great sea view

    Natural neutral sulfur mineral water "Smelly Egg Spring" is an unexpected surprise from the underground digging. It is rich in sulfur and carbonate ions. It has the effect of softening the cuticle of the skin and soothing itching. It is also called "skin hot spring".

  • Hot spring with sea view double room (single bed)

    Holiday(Summer weekday):3600
    Summer holiday:4000
    New Year Festival:4730

  • Hot spring with sea view double room (double bed)

    Holiday(Summer weekday):3800
    Summer holiday:4000
    New Year Festival:5390

  • VIP Hot spring with sea view double room

    Holiday(Summer weekday):4300
    Summer holiday:4800
    New Year Festival:5830

  • Hot spring indoor quadruple room

    Holiday(Summer weekday):4500
    Summer holiday:5200
    New Year Festival:5940

  • Hot spring with sea view six-person room

    Holiday(Summer weekday):8800
    Summer holiday:9800
    New Year Festival:12320

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